Accompany and equip women with innovative services in a place of trust, so
they can develop and influence the course of their lives.


A team passionate about self-transformation that is recognized for its
approach, commitment and feminine positioning.


Engagement – Passion – Innovation – Compassion

Exclusive Retreats

Training Designed for Women



Exclusive Retreats

Équipe M, under its new division — Signature M, offers women exclusive retreats, in a safe space, where they will be able to recharge, regain a  healthy balance, transform challenges into strengths and propel themselves to their full potential towards future opportunities. These retreats, offered with unique, distinct and memorable themes, will allow women to come together for a rich new experience, marked by authenticity and compassion.

Signature M offers unique experiences that cultivate inspiration and motivation for each participating woman.

Training Designed for Women

Signature M offers training sessions designed for women so they can, in a safe space, strengthen their competencies, renew their energy, propel themselves to their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. The training sessions include topics such as leadership, communication, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence, allowing each woman to transform herself at her own pace according to her own desires and intentions.

The training sessions are exclusively offered to small groups of women and allow inclusive and confidential sharing while providing a rich experience, marked by authenticity and caring.


Signature M offers unique experiences that cultivate inspiration and motivation for each participating woman.


TRAINING SESSIONS OFFERED (non-exhaustive list)

  • Put Your Dream to the Test (Leadership Maxwell)
  • LeaderSHIFT (Leadership Maxwell)
  • Becoming a Person of Influence (Leadership Maxwell)
  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth (leadership Maxwell)
  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (Leadership Maxwell)
  • Team Leadership Games (Leadership Maxwell)
  • Five Languages of Appreciation at Work
  • Workplace Well-being: Making it Work!
  • Building Trust in the Workplace
  • Aligning and Living our Values at Work
  • Designing Organizational Values and Optimizing Culture
  • Building Conflict-Confident Teams
In a creative and collaborative space, women can be inspired, renewed and better equipped through learning opportunities and sharing ideas and thoughts on the latest trends.  Here women encourage each other and find the motivation to pursue their own dreams.

A dynamic and personal group to go to for encouragement, support and whenever you want it!

Signature M offers unique experiences to cultivate inspiration and motivation for each woman.

MotivationELLE is a membership for women entrepreneurs, leaders, intrapreneurs or those who aspire to become the best version of themselves as well as a place for discussion and sharing ideas. In addition to networking, members have access to all SignatureM events, namely the exclusive retreats, at preferential rates.

This place is for women: focused on expertise to grow personally and professionally


Équipe M is proud to be an official host of Live2Lead 2022!

Live2Lead provides a rewarding leadership experience designed to equip participants with new perspectives, practical tools and important takeaways.

This important event offers a unique opportunity to learn from world-renowned leadership experts. Once a year, John invites inspirational leaders from a variety of backgrounds and expertise to share the stage.

Would you be interested in this event?

  • You would like to attend? Send us an email Info@EquipeM.ca and you will receive the dates and locations as soon as the reservations are determined.
  • Would you like this event to be offered in private for your company? Contact us at Melanie@EquipeM.ca
Renewed energy
Live2Lead is designed to provide the best leadership content possible. You will come away with a variety of resources, tools and key elements to apply.  You will learn from leadership experts who will prepare you to put your leadership to work, inspired and motivated to make a difference in your professional and personal life.

New relationships
Live2Lead promotes networking with other influential people in your area. You will enhance your relationships to achieve tangible results.

Generated ideas
Live2Lead presents rich content on the cutting edge of current trends that will stimulate new project ideas and action plans for your business success.

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