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Our firm offers a wide range of personalized services in terms of planning, training and management, focused on human, organizational, human and event transformation.

We are active in a number of key areas: community economic development, health, education, entrepreneurship, culture, and immigration.

We offer services that are supported by a solid team of experts specializing in:

  • organizational development
  • strategic positioning
  • marketing
  • communication
  • writing
  • research and analysis
  • financial research
  • human resources

Depending on the client’s needs and requirements, we mobilize the human resources needed to make the mandate a success.

Our flexible structure and powerful organizational capabilities ensure optimal quality and high performance in service delivery.

Our firm sets itself apart by advocating human, organizational and event transformation. Each mandate therefore becomes a catalyst for advancement and evolution, so that each client organization reaches its full potential.

Our Ultime Goal:

Offer the customer incomparable performance,
an innovative approach and a highly positive human experience.

Visionary | Strategist | Innovator

Visionary | Strategist | Innovator

Mélanie Chevrier, CEO and founder of Équipe M, is an innovative, highly charismatic, dedicated professional with 25 years of international experience in community development, organizational design, and strategic planning, particularly with francophone communities.

Mélanie actively works in several key sectors: education, including early childhood education, economic development, healthcare, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, and immigration. She offers a wide range of customized management services including, leadership coaching, individual and team training programs, governance, project management, and organizing large-scale events.

Empathetic and results-driven, Mélanie is known for working closely with her clients to ensure an optimal development path that responds to their needs. Each service is unique to the client mandate and circumstances and encourages continuous advancement so each organization can reach its full potential.

Her ultimate goal is to provide clients with a transformational experience by applying innovative approaches and creating the most positive experience to increase their overall performance.

Mélanie’s contagious enthusiasm and positive energy can energize executives, managers, and their teams. Never one to shy away from constructive dialogue, she facilitates open and honest discussion, and in doing so, harnesses the outcomes to strengthen the capabilities of the client organization.

Mélanie’s passion for her work has led her to act as an executive and member of several Boards of Directors. She is also the Francophone Program director where she develops and oversees the French educational content for Canadian Youth at Unearth Education. This rich experience allows her to understand and anticipate business issues and needs with great versatility.

She stays current in her field by attending multiple professional development programs internationally (in France, Switzerland, Canada and the United States) to develop and apply the most effective techniques to fulfil her client mandates. She is a certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, Nova Certified by SwissNova, and MBTI Accredited by Psychometrics Canada.

Values: Commitment | Passion | Active listening | Flexibility and efficiency | Integrity and trust






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